About Dukebox

Formed by some of London’s top musicians who have played at the highest level for countless years, Dukebox are a function band who came together to play great music and put on a spectacular show.

We are an international unit, with members from England, Scotland, Ireland, Italy and Chile, and we have played worldwide from Iceland to the Maldives to Hong Kong to name a few.

With a gigantic repertoire worthy of the name Dukebox, we are well prepared to play a wide range of styles. Whilst we love the classics, we are always in touch with the latest chart hits and we love to hear your requests!

Illy - Lead vocals



Fez - Guitar and Backing Vocals


Guitar - Backing Vocals

Ellen - Bass and Backing Vocals


Bass - Backing Vocals

Paul - Drums and Backing Vocals


Drums - Backing Vocals

Chris - Keyboards



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